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eCommerce Insights is the all-year round voice of eCommerce Expo. The expo is a show for sourcing ecommerce solutions, peer-to-peer networking, education and master classes. eCommerce Insights welcomes contributions from experts, managers and directors in the interest of servicing the industry.

As the industry destination for advice, tips and the latest end-user benchmarking research. We help organisations to source the right solutions and technology for their business needs. But business success does not stop at the technology. People development is essential to help drive the business forwards and recruiting and retaining the right talent is as important as correctly fitting the infrastructure.

Visiting eCommerce Expo

If you work in the e industry, then this is the place for you. Join thousands of buyers and suppliers of the latest ecommerce technology for free, all in one place:

  • Free education;
  • Hear from big brands;
  • Meet over 180 suppliers; and
  • Grow your network.

B2B Focus – A bespoke programme for those working or specialising in B2B ecommerce.

The Future of Payments – from e-wallets to mobile payments, cryptocurrency to cross-border payments, the exhibitor payment trail will help you discover the latest developments.

International Focus – A dedicated theatre to international ecommerce with sessions focusing on cross-border payments, coupled with the introduction of pavilions featuring global suppliers to advise you on how to sell internationally.


eCommerce Expo is the UK’s biggest marketplace for buyers and suppliers of the latest technology, products and services. In fact over the last 3 years we’ve seen a 30% growth in both visitor numbers and exhibitors.

Unlike many other events, we focus on all areas of ecommerce. We deliver specialist advice, products and services and thought leadership. Areas we focus on include: marketing, platforms, payments, delivery and logistics, customer service and the more generalist topics affecting ecommerce and multichannel strategies.