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Fast Impressions Count: Growing Your Ecommerce Website [Download]

Fast Impressions Count: Growing Your Ecommerce Website [Download]   In partnership with        Time means money in eCommerce, so any downtime is out of the question. It is therefore essential that you are working with a hosting provider who can support your business’s needs and ensure you have a fast service that’s scalable, […] Read More

Consumer Behaviour and Expectations [Download]

Consumer Behaviour and Expectations: The 2017 Christmas Season Report [Download]   In partnership with      During the months of November and December, consumers descend upon retailers (both brick & mortar and online) and spend significant amounts during the Christmas season. Add to it unofficial “holidays” like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the festive period […] Read More

5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing is Great for SEO & Ecommerce

Creating brand awareness, generating traffic, and creating high quality, authentic content are some of the most important things influencers do for brands. Another very important way they help brands is by maximizing their SEO efforts. Read More

Sephora’s success with cross border ecommerce

Internationally successful, Sephora continues to expand its commerce to new markets. Originally a labor intensive task, Sephora sought help from Lengow to optimise its visibility and profitability online. Read More

10 reasons why eCommerce Expo 2017 will help you to future-proof your business

eCommerce Expo this year is designed to help you stay ahead of the game by immersing you in a world of cutting-edge techs as well as getting you prepared for Brexit. Here are 10 reasons why we are excited about Read More

In conversation with Eva Vucheva, Co-Founder and CEO of

Eva Vucheva is a digital entrepreneur, currently Co-Founder and CEO of, an e-commerce content provider.  Read More

Price to win: How dynamic pricing can drive profitable growth for retailers

Developing a world-class dynamic-pricing solution starts with a thorough understanding of the retailer’s business context and objectives, and then translating those into mathematical “recipes” that can be executed repeatedly. Read More

The Future of Chatbots Report [Download]

The Future of Chatbots Report aims to better understand the rapidly evolving chatbot landscape. The findings of the report are based on a survey commissioned by SAP Hybris in collaboration with both Technology for Marketing (TFM) and eCommerce Expo. Read More

CloserStill Media acquires eCommerce Expo,TFM

CloserStill Media and Justin Opie and Graeme Howe have today announced that they are acquiring Technology For Marketing (TFM) from UBM. Read More

Streamline your shipping processes in one simple step

As your products are exposed to more people online, your potential pool of customers is getting bigger every day. But with all this opportunity comes the inevitable headache of expanding your shipping – from managing different carriers’ logistics to time-consuming processes. Read More

How to drive e-commerce sales using content marketing

This handy guide will help you use ecommerce to get the most out of you business. Read More

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Fast Impressions Count: Growing Your Ecommerce Website [Download]

Consumer Behaviour and Expectations [Download]

The Future of Chatbots Report [Download]

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