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The Future of Chatbots Report [Download]

The Future of Chatbots Report aims to better understand the rapidly evolving chatbot landscape. The findings of the report are based on a survey commissioned by SAP Hybris in collaboration with both Technology for Marketing (TFM) and eCommerce Expo. Read More

CloserStill Media acquires eCommerce Expo,TFM

CloserStill Media and Justin Opie and Graeme Howe have today announced that they are acquiring Technology For Marketing (TFM) from UBM. Read More

Streamline your shipping processes in one simple step

As your products are exposed to more people online, your potential pool of customers is getting bigger every day. But with all this opportunity comes the inevitable headache of expanding your shipping – from managing different carriers’ logistics to time-consuming processes. Read More

How to drive e-commerce sales using content marketing

This handy guide will help you use ecommerce to get the most out of you business. Read More

The evolving world of commerce

Agustin Rubini of HSBC wonders about and explains what commerce might look like in five to ten years. Read More

Future Proof Your Contact Centre [Download]

Future Proof Your Contact Centre 2017 covers why it is important to map the customer journey, how to improve customer experience and hot technology to consider to stay ahead. Read More

2030: The Technology That Will Power eCommerce

ParcelHero’s new report into the impact of e-commerce on our town centres - 2030: The Death of the High Street - contains some fascinating findings. Technology looks set to transform online shopping habits and the High Street by 2030. Read More

Licensing and retail in France report [Download]

Most western countries have fully embraced ecommerce solutions. In this report we can learn how the frnech market has reacted to ecommerce solutions, what works and what doesn't. Read More

How does payment processing work? [Infographic]

Payment processing can be a nightmare for new business, this infographic from Performance card service lays out how credit card payments work leaving you more informed. Read More

6 ways to generate more leads with Facebook remarketing

This article from Peter Dulay will give you six great ways to generate more leads for your business using facebook remarketing. Read More

US Online Marketplaces: What to consider? [Download]

Marketplaces serve as great launch pads if you are looking to sell in the US. Apart from Amazon, which other marketplaces worth considering and why? Read More

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The Future of Chatbots Report [Download]

The Brand Licensing Handbook

Download: Ecommerce in China – Cross-Border Briefing

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