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20 Google Shopping and AdWords tips to ensure adverts show up

eCommerce consultant Mark Tillison takes a looks at common areas of failure with Google Shopping ads and how to fix them. Read More

The perfect cart abandonment email [Infographic]

Using data from over 500 of the world's biggest and best-loved brands. Read More

‘What’s your CX philosophy?’ – Capgemini VP on improving customer experience

Capgemini VP Gagndeep Gadri says that a total strategy, starting with some soul-searching questions, is needed to craft a great customer experience. Read More

2017 bounce rates of top ecommerce sites and 10 tips to lower yours

Your bounce rates are hurting your ecommerce business. Here are industry averages and tips for how to improve your site. Read More

How storytelling is helping brands sell more products [Infographic]

Storytelling is a great tool for any ecommerce site and when used correctly can add serious value to your products. Read More

Why the Internet of Things is the retail trend of 2017

It cannot be said enough how big the role of IoT will play in the future of customer relationships. Jason Bramsden explains the impact on retail. Read More

The growth of artificial intelligence in ecommerce [Infographic]

What does the future hold? Read More

“If we rush to robotics, we risk losing humanity” OgilvyOne CEO on AI

Marketers are excited about AI... but they're also terrified (as are many consumers). Take baby steps and make small bets, says the head of a UK customer engagement agency. Read More

Can Virtual Experiences Replace Reality? [Download]

This report explores how the boom in digital and mobile technology has reshaped customer behaviour and their relationships with brands. Read More

Why customer reviews are the secret sauce of marketing – leading podcaster

Podcaster Chloë Thomas tells eCommerce Expo that online customer reviews can be useful at every stage of the customer journey. Read More

Key customer metrics you need to be tracking [Infographic]

With key customer metrics, you can pinpoint which parts of the business are working best for you. Read More

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