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10 key stats from A.I. ecommerce vendors [Infographic]

Having valid data points is essential for supporting your A.I. empowered ecommerce. Here are the Top 10 data points you can refer to. Read More

Three tips for better Facebook video marketing on mobile

The majority of the content in the future will be video, says Dion Magee, Head of Fashion UK of Facebook Read More

30 ideas for ecommerce stores to A/B test

You can't beat a good test. Here are 30 solid ideas for A/B testing to help optimise and improve your ecommerce funnel. Read More

Ecommerce journey optimisation – there’s no use tickling at it

Consultant Mark Tillison says that being consistently pretty good across the ecommerce customer journey beats patchy brilliance. Read More

Download: Digital transformation of customer service

Only 5% of customer service professionals have fully embraced digital technologies for their workforce. Find out how you can become more digital in this download. Read More

Trade Me’s tips for UK retailers on selling to ecommerce-addicted Kiwis

David Swift of ‘New Zealand’s eBay’, Trade Me, shares tips on how UK retailers can better sell cross-border to a nation hooked on ecommerce. Read More

10 key ecommerce metrics you should know

A toolkit of 10 key ecommerce metrics to measure and improve your business. Read More

Ecommerce content ideas to entertain, inspire, educate and convince

For eCommerce brands, content marketing can help develop your brand image and build awareness. Driving more traffic to your store is always good too, especially when it’s qualified traffic consisting of people who are searching for something and find it on your site.  There’s one big question that comes to mind now: “What kind of […] Read More

40 ecommerce video stats you need to know [Infographic]

Video content is a powerful tool to gain brand engagement. Here are 40 video stats you must know if you are involved in ecommerce. Read More

Learning from customer experience transformations

All professionals will learn a huge amount from reading the case studies, hearing them speak Customer Strategy & Planning Conference. Read More

Top tips for ecommerce customer retention and valuing VIPs

CRO tools firm Omniconvert shares some advice on customer retention: it’s importance, which customers are VIPs and how to keep them coming back. Read More

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