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“Everything on every channel has to be executed flawlessly” – Google, SAP & Brand Networks on retail and ecommerce

Panel discussion: Google, SAP & Brand Networks on customer expectations, super-powered consumers and why retailers’ ecommerce efforts are either an A+ or an F.

Improving your ecommerce conversion rate: 8 reasons context is critical

Making numbers go up isn’t always the be-all and end-all. Here are eight things to ponder whilst getting to grips with your ecommerce conversion rate.

B2B ecommerce examples you should set great store by

Does selling to businesses online have to involve dull, vanilla websites? Of course not: we’ve plucked some interesting B2B ecommerce examples from around the web.

Magento updates: Themes, tutorial, extensions, API

A hub for Magento updates. Click here for the latest on themes, tutorial content, extensions, APIs and our pick of blog posts about Magento.

Profiling the B2B ecommerce industry: What social data is telling us [updated]

The topic of B2B ecommerce has continued to build up steam within the industry but what has the uptake been on social media?

Magento ecommerce platform: 5 things you need to know

We caught up with Jason Bramsden, COO of B2C and B2B solution integrator firm InventCommerce, to get his take on the Magento ecommerce platform.

Infographic: Discounting in the Digital Age

Through testing, the right customers can be targeted in the right way with digital discounting.

New Magento Extension to Rescue Shopping Cart Abandonment

Latest Magento extension means shopping cart abandonment doesn't automatically have to translate to a lost sale

How to Turn Social Platforms into Revenue Machines

When it comes to ecommerce, being social matters. This year saw the likes of Facebook and Pinterest introduce the click-to-buy button to its users, so could this innovation out-perform traditional sales channels?

Black Friday: UK’s First £1bn Online Shopping Day

As the UK breaks the £1bn mark in online sales for the first time, is Black Friday evolving into an online event?

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