Download: Time – The Real Digital Currency

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amazon-frontIt’s estimated that on average Millennials spend about an hour a day shopping online.

While the figure is significant, it doesn’t reveal much about how that time is being spent or whether there is a correlation between time spent and money spent. We don’t really know for sure if time and money track one another and if they do whether it’s in the same direction or opposite directions.

What we do know though is that consumers’ time is becoming scarcer, we have more demands put upon us and there are more entertainment options to entice us than ever before. As such, the way we spend time and with whom has to become a more considered decision.

In this whitepaper we’ll look at how customers evaluate the time they spend with online retailers and how these attitudes to time impact their likelihood to buy. We’ll also look at how retailers can understand the time shoppers spend with them to maximize conversion, turning browsers into buyers.

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