The ultimate download: eCommerce Expo 2016 presentations

2016 Presentations

All the presentations from eCommerce Expo 2016 are now available and ready for you to download. Simply fill in your details to receive access to over 30 exciting presentations from some of the most interesting and informative speakers in the industry today.

Presentations include…

  • Disposable ecommerce: Going bigger, faster, sharper and cheaper – Sam Hill, Marks & Spencer
  • Ecommerce success: What do I need from my payment service provider? – Guillaume Pousaz,
  • Brexit: The implications of cross-border logistics – Andrew Starkey, IMRG
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Revolutionise Your Email Marketing: The 6 Stages of Email Sophistication

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

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Hannah Brewer

Hannah Brewer

Content Coordinator

October 6, 2016


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