40 ecommerce video stats you need to know [Infographic]

In an era of information overload, video is a powerful tool to get audience more engaged in a short period of time.

Cisco predicted that by 2019, video content will be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic in the U.S. Adobe identified that in 2017 video represents one of the most important opportunities to increase brand engagement. Video presents a huge opportunity for ecommerce businesses as customers are expecting more dynamic and interactive content experiences with products before they buy.

Goodvidio has pulled together 40 video stats for people who work in ecommerce, including:

  • Having video content on pages can contribute to a +157% increase in organic traffic from search engines
  • When doing online shopping with video content, shoppers are 52% more confident thin their purchases
  • 67% of millennials are certain they can find a video on YouTube about anything, including product video views
  • Gen C are 3.6 times more likely to purchase products after engaging with video content

Celeste Huang

Celeste Huang

Senior Content Producer, UBM

March 10, 2017

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