Magento updates: Themes, tutorial, extensions, API

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How Magento works

Magento is an ecommerce platform – one of the two most popular, alongside WooCommerce – that was first made generally available in 2008. It gives merchants the tools to create an online store with the trappings we’ve come to expect such as a flexible shopping cart system (you add an item and carry on browsing before returning to your cart to checkout).

It is open source and based on PHP, a widely-used coding language well suited to web development.

Magento comes in two flavours: the free Magento Community Edition (currently on version 2.0); and the paid, more feature-rich Magento Enterprise Edition, aimed at larger businesses which need assistance with implementation.

October 2015 saw the release of Magento 2 with new features such as full page caching, a streamlined checkout process and a generally cleaner, more modern codebase.

Magento updates: What’s the latest news?

APRIL 2016 – Imagine conference announcements

Magento Commerce launches Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environment for Magento 2.0 – press release.

Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 and Community Edition 2.1 will be coming during Q2 2016. Both will include new payments functionality and user interface improvements, while Enterprise Edition will also offer enhanced staging and preview and Elasticsearch – press release.

Magento Commerce announced the launch of its next-generation commerce applications marketplace, Magento Marketplace with simplified user experience for easy discovery of products and services to extend the functionality of Magento stores – press release.

JANUARY 2016 – Security flaw
Some websites that use Magento may be at risk of hijacking assaults if they use Magento Community Edition and Enterprise Edition prior to and – Ars Technica.

The latest patches can be found on Magento’s website.

DECEMBER 2015 – Extension

The latest Magento extension from Optilead means shopping cart abandonment doesn’t automatically have to translate to a lost sale – eCommerce Insights.

NOVEMBER 2015 – Demerger
eBay sold eBay Enterprise for $925 million to a group of buyers, splitting it up: London-based global investment firm Permira took ownership of Magento Commerce, meaning the company became a standalone entity – New York Business Journal.
a photo of ebay headquarters
Pic credit Coolcaesar

Magento Connect: Extensions store

If you want to make your online store do more, Magento Connect opens up the possibilities with its extensions marketplace.

A screengrab of the home page of Magento connect

Firebear Studio have assembled a list of must-have extensions covering performance, SEO, UI a so forth. As has AddShoppers and Jake Sharp.

Some popular extensions include:

  • Yotpo, an extension that enables customer product reviews with sharing to social media
  • Lesti_Fpc, for full page caching, speeding up page load time
  • Fishpig’s WordPress Integration which does exactly what it says on the tin – integrates your Magento store with your WordPress blog.

This five minute video from Veeqo talks you through a few more:

integer_net counsels against installing modules via the Magento Connect Manager for various reasons including security.

Magento tutorial: Useful resources

Most of the online resources centre around the free Magento Community Edition, with the Magento Enterprise Edition enjoying more formal customer service.

SiteGround has created a very simple step by step guide to installing Magento as well as other beginner-friendly tutorials or you might prefer to stick to the official Magento developers documentation.

Magento itself hosts a blog, covering best practice, customer stories and more.

TemplateMonster has created a vast YouTube playlist of bitesize tutorial content for beginners that is annotated rather than voiced.

YouTube user Salma Urmi has created an extensive, in-depth playlist of Magento how-tos.

eCommerce Insights interviewed Magento expert Jason Bramsden of InventCommerce about the Magento platform, resulting in five insider tips.

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Thomas Quillfeldt

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February 4, 2016

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