Three tips for better Facebook video marketing on mobile

The majority of the content in the future will be video, says Dion Magee, Head of Fashion UK of Facebook

Ecommerce journey optimisation – there’s no use tickling at it

Consultant Mark Tillison says that being consistently pretty good across the ecommerce customer journey beats patchy brilliance.

‘What’s your CX philosophy?’ – Capgemini VP on improving customer experience

Capgemini VP Gagndeep Gadri says that a total strategy, starting with some soul-searching questions, is needed to craft a great customer experience.

“If we rush to robotics, we risk losing humanity” OgilvyOne CEO on AI

Marketers are excited about AI... but they're also terrified (as are many consumers). Take baby steps and make small bets, says the head of a UK customer engagement agency.

3 ways trend advertising can power your holiday success [Infographic]

Learn how trend advertising can boost the efficiency and impact of your holiday campaign.

Case study: How Slendertone won back customers through marketing automation

Slendertone took to the stage at eCommerce Expo to tell us how their clever marketing automation programme has won back 20% of lapsed customers.

The ecommerce skinny on Tesco’s doomed acquisition NutriCentre

The story of Tesco’s ill-fated NutriCentre retail and ecommerce operations, told by the former head of online, Relton Herron.

Single Customer View Cynics vs Believers: Is SCV within reach or a mythical beast?

The Single Customer View is the holy grail for most businesses, but do you believe SCV is a realistic objective or is it just a fantasy?

How to make the most of ecommerce acquisition trends in 2016

The development of platforms and creation of new features made 2015 an important year for online advertising.

How conversion rate optimisation breathed new life into a 191 year-old

Interview: Standard Life’s Head of Digital Marketing, Mickael Paris talks about the firm’s conversion rate optimisation campaign.

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