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Download: The Mobile Commerce Playbook

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marketingfinder-oct152015 will see mobile commerce spend increase by as much as 80%, yet many marketers are taking their foot off the gas, assuming that their work is done.

IMRG and Capgemini’s 2015 quarterly benchmark revealed that mobile accounts for 40% of all online retail sales – up from 32% in Q4 2013/14 and increasing at the sharpest rate since that period. The research company noted that m-commerce’s share of online has grown 4,000% in four years.

The bad news is that “compelling mobile experiences” are short-lived: You might still be congratulating yourself because you didn’t get penalised by Google’s “mobilegeddon” algorithm update, or marvelling at your product listing pages which adapt to the user’s device. The problem is that, while one challenge is conquered, the mobile world continues to move on.

To meet this challenge and keep up, or at least afloat, brands need to approach mobile objectives with a business-first perspective. Understanding the customer’s needs is at the heart of this because there are far too many opportunities to fail to connect, leaving them at your competitor’s door.

This whitepaper covers the following key areas:

  • Mobile, search and the contentious advertising question
  • How mobile fits into the multi-channel customer experience (pre-transaction)
  • Joining the on and offline journeys via mobile
  • The app debate
  • Social commerce
  • And more…

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